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There are a number of reasons why choosing Solar PV is a good decision. We have listed the main reasons below.

Load shedding – energy independence

Power failures are increasing. Producing your own power protects against blackout periods and allows life to continue as normal at work or play. Depending on the size of the solar PV system, you can:

  • have lights on – for studying or reading
  • continue to work using computers and internet or wi-fi
  • watch TV
  • charge electronic devices (e.g. laptops and cell phones)
  • keep security systems and garage doors working
  • keep food fresh in the fridge and freezer

Reduced costs

Producing your own power protects against rising energy prices. As the cost of grid power continues to rise, the sun keeps shining for free. Advances in solar technology and the continued reduction in prices of solar PV mean that solar-generated electricity has reached grid parity. Solar power will reduce your energy bill by providing energy to use in addition to that from the grid.

Easy and flexible
Solar PV is straightforward to use, easy to install and very low-maintenance. Solar panels mostly have a 25 year warranty, although this depends on what brand panels are used. A solar PV system can be installed almost anywhere, provided the sun shines on the panels – usually a roof top or on a mounted frame in your garden. The system can then be tailored to the space available and to your specific power demands.

Unlimited and reliable
The sun shines every day, so the energy it produces is stable and unlimited, unlike fossil fuels. As such Solar PV is a secure source of power for the future. Solar panels produce energy from irradiance (daylight), so they still work on overcast days.

Clean electricity
Unlike fossil fuels which create harmful air pollution and global warming, solar energy is clean and renewable. Businesses that invest in Solar PV show a commitment to environmental performance making them attractive to customers. So using a source of clean energy like the sun, means you reduce your carbon emissions. And that is a do good, feel good fact.

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